6 Things to Do To Be a Top-Rated Tradie

Being a tradie, the single most important thing you have to realize is that testimonials matter. First impressions could either or break your reputation so you can’t just worry about the mechanical operations behind running a successful business but you also need to master the art of making a great impression. Here’s everything you need to do if you want to be considered a top-rated tradie:

Prompt Replies

Your customer service skills must he absolutely impeccable. You’ll find it to be quite common to get more than the usual phone call during the day when working your trade and, being mid-job, it won’t always be the most practical of solutions for you to answer it. But what you can do is reach out to your customers as soon as you manage to free up your hands and either answer the inquiriesor let them know you will get back to them ASAP.


Chances are your potential customer won’t just be asking for your quotes but will check with a total of at least 3 businessmen before making the decision. What you need to do is make sure you send the details ideally before 24 hours of the customer reaching out. It would help not to just have the standard indicative quote you offer over a basic phone call but a  full written statement to supply customers with face-to-face.

No Waiting Time

It’s part of the customer service to settle on a time- and be there on time! It may be an inconvenience but there’s nothing worse than getting late or arriving at an unexpected time when the customer has directly taken time off to meet you.

No Messes

If your particular job takes place at a customer’s home, needless to say there’s quite a bit of etiquette involved, including being polite and limiting your number of breaks. But if your job also revolves around a lot of dust and dirt, it’s only common courtesy for you to leave the house the way you entered- devoid of any messes. So remember, a top notch trader would clean up their mess as part of a job well done.

Social Media

If you want to make sure you get a positive testimonial, the best way to go about is to take to social media and conduct a follow up. This allows you to stay connected to your customers and this show of extra effort definitely earns you bonus points. And by using such platforms, you not only stand to gain more feedback, you can showcase your work with ease.


How else can you exceed expectations? By maintaining your business venture successfully alongside your reputation. Business coaching for tradies would really help fine tune your understanding of your trade and help you be successful in both aspects!

The key aspect about being a tradie is understanding that it’s not only about offering great services but also about ensuring customer comfort. At the end of the day, your customers needto not only fall in love with your work but everything you stand for as a company.

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