Things to do in Melbourne

Fun and unusual activities to do in Melbourne

If you’re going to Melbourne for your next holiday, we bet that you’d enjoy amazing moments there. There are plenty of places you can explore in this beautiful city. It’s not only known for its natural beauty but there are several historical buildings that make it popular all around the world. You should always prepare a plan before going to Melbourne as there are lots of options for you to explore.


We’ve created a list of activities that you’d love doing in Melbourne. Many websites share information about activities one can perform in Melbourne. But we believe that everyone must try something different that may make their trip memorable. Visiting the Victoria Market and art street are some common things that every visitors perform when they are in Melbourne.

Things to do in Melbourne

We have created a list of activities that may add more fun to your Melbourne trip. So, let’s take a look at the fun and unusual activities you can perform in Melbourne.


Snorkeling on Port Melbourne Beach


The Port Melbourne Beach is a popular tourist spot in Melbourne. A number of visitors come here to enjoy the warmth of the sun. There are plenty of activities you can perform here including beach volleyball, fishing, jet skiing, and snorkeling. But we believe that snorkeling is a fantastic activity that every tourist must try when they are on this beach. The crystal clear water provides you with an amazing underwater experience.


Fly Hot Air Balloon on Johanna Beach

Things to do in Melbourne

Johanna Beach is basically known as the lover’s point because a number of newly married couples visit this beach every year. You can book a camp to spend a night on the beach. Similarly, you can participate in the hot air balloon festival on this beach. The hot air balloon specials are organized every month. So, if you are willing to perform this amazing activity, you must book your dates accordingly.


Cycling at Portsea Return


Portsea Return is a popular destination where cyclists come to enjoy an incredible ride. There is no need to bring your own bicycle as there are plenty of shops where you can find a bicycle on rent. There are many beautiful landscapes you’d love enjoying during this trip. You can capture several memorable photographs at this cycling route. However, you should be strong enough to cover the 115 miles distance on the bicycle.

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