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5 Ways in Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among women. Research shows that 1 out of 3 women experience this kind of problem at some point in their life. Hair loss is basically normal at some degree that’s why there’s no need to freak out when you notice your hairs clogging the drain or sticking to your carpet.

However, if you notice there’s too much hair falling out and they’re not growing back, this is when you need to seek for hair fall solutions. There are different causes of hair loss – stress, hormonal imbalance and even genetics play a major role in the sensitivity of one’s hair follicles. Since there are varied causes of this problem, there are also vast options of remedies available out there. Here are some of the proven effective ways to deal with hair loss.

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Make Some Diet Changes

Hair is composed mainly of protein which is why switching into a protein rich diet helps speed up building new and stronger hair. Aside from protein, eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates also gives hair follicles the energy they need to speed up the growth of new hair.

Take Supplements

Just like other parts of our body, our hair also needs adequate nutrition for it to grow strong and healthy. If you notice that you’re starting to shed more hair than the usual, start by taking nutritional supplements that are rich with vitamins and minerals your hair needs such as L-Lysine, Selenium, Zinc, Iron and a lot more.

Professional Treatment

For intense hair loss, there are professional medical treatments for this condition on clinics. First, the doctor will determine the cause of hair loss and formulate a combination of hair products, laser/infrared treatments and medications to effectively target the problem. The Skin Cancer Cosmetic Clinic has experienced specialists that are professionally trained to properly diagnose and treat this kind of problem. Don’t hesitate to seek for help if you’re facing this kind of hair issue.

Style Moderately

Styling your hair too much is proven to contribute greatly to hair loss. As much as possible, avoid or lessen the use of hair styling equipment that could damage it such as hair iron and other heat styling equipment. Also, be careful in using styling products since they add unnecessary weight to the hair. When styling your hair, avoid styles that put too much stress or traction on the hair follicles such as tight ponytail or topknots.


Since stress is one main cause of hair loss, freaking out at the sight of this problem can only make things worse. The best thing you can do is to relax and think carefully about the ways you can do to lessen or solve this problem.

Hair loss can be a great problem to anyone. However, keeping calm at the face of this problem can help you a lot in distinguishing the root cause of your hair loss problem and find the right ways to effectively deal with it.

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