7 Ways to Spruce up Your Home in Time for Christmas

With the hustle and bustle of the upcoming festive season comes that itching need to decorate your house to heights it has never seen before. Perhaps it’s those lavish homes in the Christmas movies endlessly streaming on television or our general uppity spirit, but something is definitely in the air! Here are some simple tips on how to go about sprucing up your home in time for the season!

The Foliage

You can always buy affordable Christmas trees and decorations online to set up base in your home but don’t think that that’s all the greenery you can use in your house. Head out to your garden and grab some foliage or sprigs, then drape them wherever you can! Over the banisters, the mantel, any pictures you may have- just go to town with it! For that extra flair, you can add some fairy lights and baubles into the mix.

Outdoor Lights

If you really want to go all out for Christmas, you absolutely have to invest in some outdoor fairy lights to drape along your porch! You can even use them in your garden- strategically place them around a tree trunk or along a hedge. You just can’t go wrong with fairy lights, luckily.


It all comes down to the details, and something as small as changing up your cushion covers takes up hardly any time at all! You don’t have to be overly Christmassy when it comes to choosing patterns and textures, you just have to stick to your basics- opt for dark greens, maroons, gold dusted patterns etc.

The Art

Yet another thing for you to switch up is your art. You can hang up new signs and artwork that are more in favour of the Christmas season. While you’re at it, make sure you update your photo albums because relatives are bound to visit and will want to know what you’ve been up to. It’s easier if you have photographic proof to break the ice!


What is Christmas without scented candles?  Invest in a group of pillar candles, varying in height that you can place on your dining table. Usually you’d have to opt for unscented candles when dealing with food, but in other areas of the house, you can use scented candles to create that festive, rich ambience.


Yet another change you can make to the space is to switch out your lampshades. This tiny detail could make all the difference in giving your home a soft, romantic glow that is just typical of the holidays. Opt for a grade linen fabric if you want to get this look!

Rustic Elements

Decorate your house with simplistic, rustic touches like burlap table runners or casual linen napkins and small clay pots. Christmas often doesn’t have to be about the most lavish decorations all the time. Sometimes you need to balance things out with a few more simple touches.

With these simple steps, it won’t even be a competition of who’s got the best décor. You’ll have your home looking festive in no time!

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