The corporate cyber space its risks from the employees’ perspective

There was a time in history when accessing the internet alone was some sort of an achievement. The lack of infrastructure, the lack of equipment and also the financial issues were the main issues in the context. In 2020s, you could run a massive business with one laptop and a great internet connection – things are that advanced now. But is it really that good?

It is; but they problem here is how there is an equally powerful negative side, just as much as the positive, as most things in the universe are. Hence, it is safe to deduce that just as helpful as the internet, or the cyberspace can be, it is equally dangerous. When it comes to the corporate context, things get even messier.

When your employees are at their houses using their own internet connection to engage with whatever they do, there is no reason for them to be attacked in the online world, except for very rare and specific situations. But when the same person is utilizing computers at your office, there are too many reasons for the company to be attacked. Because in the end of the day, burglary is burglary and they just want to loot you. But you may wonder, ‘should I even keep reading this given I have a premium security system?’… The answer for that is of twofold.

The first one is that – all the massive companies that had invested in fixed cyber security services still ended up with complications despite their rigid walls against evil of the internet. The second perspective is a question; ‘what if an employee is tricked for the burglar to walk in?’

The bottom-line here is that, no matter how solid your security against cyber threats, it will not function it its prime, if the employees did not have a good knowledge of it. Think about it; how many extra tabs do you rapidly close as they pop up in a window without even checking? If you did not know, most of the breaching to corporate systems are enable due to the lack of computer literacy of the employees.

The solution here is quite simple; when you invest in the right cyber security training as a company, you will be more or less providing all the relevant employees with a shield that is only necessary for defending and defending only. In fact, having invested in a training program like this would give you the peace of mind that everything is now under control.

While your software engineer may have that, there is a list of fundamental things that every employee who has the access to a company computer. Because, the most vulnerable will always be the place for a hacker to break in. Depending on the nature of the products or services that you deal with, one single breaching and information leakage could take away all the reputation and whatnot within a matter of few minutes.

Hence, remember to invest in your employees since you do not want them to be the weak points of the company at any cost.

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