keep your lawn green

Top 3 DIY tips to keep your lawn green

Everyone has a goal of keeping their lawn lush green so it may send a great impression to the visitors. However, it’s really difficult to maintain the health of the lawn as there are a number of factors that homeowners must address in order to keep their lawn green and healthy. We talked to expert mowers like Jims Mowing to bring the most reliable information about keeping your lawn green and healthy.

And we’ve decided to talk about the top 3 DIY tips that can bring a new life to your lawn. No matter what kind of grass you have in your lawn, these tips can help a lot in keeping it green and healthy. So, let’s take a look at the top 3 DIY tips that can keep your lawn green.


Test your soil


Testing the soil is the most remarkable way of making sure that how long the grass can stay green. There are several soil test kits available nowadays that can be used for this purpose. You need to measure the amount of phosphorus, nitrogen, and pH levels during a soil test. These are important elements that can promote the growth of grass. And if there are any deficiencies, you must address them on time and try to recover them with proper fertilizers.


There are several environment-friendly ways of maintaining these elements if you don’t want to add chemicals to the lawn.


Do not overwater the plants

keep your lawn green

There is no doubt that water is really important for the growth of plants but overwatering the plants can gradually damage their health. As a result, they’ll start dying and you’d have to add more seeds after every few weeks. The right way to protect the lawn is to water the plants only when it’s necessary. And also avoid using contaminated water as it can also damage the growth of grass and other plants.


Sow fresh seeds after every few weeks


Although the grass on your lawn is looking fresh and green, you should still consider adding more seeds after a specific period of time as it’s really important for the continuous growth of the grass. It will also keep your lawn green and fresh for a very long time. Make sure that you add more fresh seeds after every few weeks to bring a fresh look to your lawn.

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