Why You Shouldn’t Go for the Cheapest DJ

The idea is no doubt attractive to hire a cheap DJ and have just one less thing to worry about. Here at Taxi Dining Room we have lots of experience with events from our own venue. Everyone has a budget and a price tag to follow but you know should know some things before you end up making a wrong decision and regretting later on:


There is a possibility that he is an amateur and does not know his work. He might not have the experience of a professional DJ to give you the best day of your life. An amateur might just be doing it for fun, and if he makes a mistake, it won’t affect him much, but it would ruin your life. While a professional DJ hire Melbourne is as invested as you are because a bad night for you means a bad review for him.



It is possible that the DJ is charging a lower price because the equipment he is using is not a professional one and just a homemade kit. This would not provide a creative mix of tracks, and the party would not be as grand as you had imagined. It is even possible that the equipment is so faulty that the music keeps stopping while everyone is dancing. If something fails, then you will remember the time forever at your wedding where there were dead silence and no music.


The more the DJ is an experience; the more he is going to charge. So a cheaper cost means that he might not have the experience to engage the crowd or to create entertainment for the people. He might not even be able to cater to the unique requests of the crowd and keep them dancing. A person without experience can play the songs but he would know how to be creative in them and wouldn’t know how to make it work.

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